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Values & Ethos


At St. Mary’s, we recognise that ‘with God all things are possible’ (Matthew 19:26). Everyone is valued, respected as an individual and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Our faith, underpinned by our core Christian values of love, respect, creativity, forgiveness and perseverance, is at the heart of school life.

Our core values are things which we will all do to support us living out our vision every day. 


Our school aims to:

*promote Christian values and teach the children to have respect for and an understanding of other faiths and cultures.

*affirm, nurture, develop and challenge all children on their spiritual journey.

*encourage the children to enjoy their learning and develop lively enquiring minds.

*encourage pupils to think creatively, question, communicate effectively and apply themselves successfully to tasks.

*provide a broad, balanced curriculum which will enable pupils to acquire the knowledge and skills relevant for the ever changing world in which they live.

*to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing so that pupils can express themselves creatively and imaginatively and can communicate with others effectively.

*to help children to apply mathematical skills and knowledge appropriately and effectively so that they can reason logically, solve problems and think in abstract ways.

*to provide all pupils with opportunities to respond to the world through creative experiences.

*to have the highest expectations of the children and also help them set challenging targets for themselves.

*to develop self-esteem so that children value and care for each other, recognising and celebrating individuality.

*to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating choices and exercise

*to nurture our partnership with the parish of St. Mary’s and the Diocese of Manchester.